CEA member firms impose upon themselves a very strict Code of Ethics requiring disciplined fulfillment of their duties with honesty, justice and courtesy toward society, clients, other members of CEA and employees. Ongoing regulation by peers ensures quality management practices and the integrity of all CEA members.

CEA membership accreditation criteria are stringent. In addition to conforming with the standards of practice set by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and the requirement to hold an APEGA Permit to Practice, member firms must maintain permanent facilities with employees in Alberta; be managed by one or more professional engineers; have at least two years operating experience as a consulting engineering business; and, employee an individual in Alberta who has at least five years experience in consulting engineering as a professional engineer.

Clients benefit directly by dealing with CEA member firms, professionals who are keenly interested in maintaining and promoting their own business association which, in turn, advocates the veracity and trust which can be expected from each of its members.


  1. Members shall practice their profession with concern for the social and economic well-being of Society.
  2. Members shall conform with all laws, by-laws and regulations and with the APEGA Code of Ethics.
  3. Members shall satisfy themselves that their designs and recommendations are safe and sound and, if their engineering judgment is overruled, shall report the possible consequences to clients, owners and, if necessary, the appropriate public authorities.
  4. Members expressing engineering opinions to the public shall do so in a complete, objective, truthful and accurate manner.
  5. Members are encouraged to participate in civic affairs and work for the benefit of their community and should encourage their employees to do likewise.


  1. Members shall discharge their professional and business responsibilities with integrity.
  2. Members shall accept only those assignments for which they are competent or for which they associate with other competent experts.
  3. Members shall immediately disclose any conflicts of interest to their clients.
  4. Members shall respect the confidentiality of all information obtained for and from their clients but shall deal appropriately with any matters which may place the public in jeopardy.
  5. Members shall obtain remuneration for their professional services solely through fees commensurate with the services rendered.
  6. Members shall promote consulting engineering services in accordance with a qualifications-based selection system endorsed by CEA.

Other Members of CEA

  1. Members shall relate to other Members of CEA with integrity, and in a manner that will enhance the professional stature of consulting engineering.
  2. Members engaged by a client to review the work of another Member of CEA, shall avoid statements which may maliciously impugn the reputation or business of that Member.
  3. Members shall respect the clientele of other members of CEA and shall not attempt to supplant them when definite steps, including negotiations for an engagement, have been taken towards their engagement.
  4. Members, when requesting professional engineering services from other consulting engineering businesses, including Members of CEA, shall promote the use of a qualifications-based selection system endorsed by CEA.


  1. Members shall treat their employees with integrity, provide for their proper compensation, require that they conform to high ethical standards in their work and fully understand this Code of Consulting Engineering Ethics.
  2. Members shall not require or permit their employees to take responsibility for work for which they are not qualified.
  3. Members shall encourage their employees to enhance their professional qualifications and development through appropriate continuing education.