Building Community Resilience Through Asset Management Handbook & Toolkit for Alberta Municipalities

This handbook and toolkit is for staff and elected officials from Alberta’s small and mid-sized municipalities.

The purpose of this handbook is to introduce asset management concepts - with a focus on implementation - to small and mid-sized communities.

Quick Start Tools and Template for Building an Asset Management Program

Any municipality can begin practicing asset management with the information they already have.

The tools in this toolkit have been designed to help kick-start municipalities who are in the early stages of their asset management journey, or to support others with continuous improvement of their asset management programs.

The purpose of these tools is to provide a low-barrier path to municipalities to build foundations of asset management practices and thinking. Asset management practices should be tailored to suit an organization, so these tools should be used as guidelines or support where needed – not as prescribed approaches that must be conformed to.

The user guide includes description of processes and templates. An excel workbook with editable templates and tools accompanies this user guide.