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Consulting Engineers Rate Guide

This suggested rate guideline was developed to provide a list of standard hourly rates for engineers and technicians/technologists involved in providing professional services in Alberta. These rates are intended as a guideline for professional services on standard projects. Members will not face sanction if they do not follow these guidelines. Unfair methods of competition in terms of providing fees for service or obtaining clients must not be engaged in, particularly as prohibited under federal competition legislation. Unfair methods of competition can include, but not be limited to, price-fixing, conspiring to allocate customers and the under-scoping of projects. CEA recommends using a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) system for choosing consultants on a project when sole sourcing is not appropriate. For more information on QBS please refer to the InfraGuide available from www.thebestpractice.ca 

Salary Multipliers

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has advised CEA the practice of disclosing salary multipliers to clients is not reasonable if a less privacy intrusive practice can be used. Hence, CEA recommends member firms do not provide project fees based on multipliers of salary. Divulging salary information of specific staff may contravene the Privacy Act in Alberta and the security of such information may be at risk. For the most part, the practice of basing fees on salaries is not common outside of consulting engineering. For example, the legal and medical professions have a history of using predetermined rates, resulting in a less intrusive approach. Where fees need to be based on a per diem basis, CEA recommends member firms use the hourly rates shown in this rate guideline.

Disbursements Specific to the Project

Minor disbursements — recommended to be charged as a percentage of fees ( 5 — 10%) include:

Examples of other disbursements to be reimbursed at cost plus an agreed percentage (10% recommended) administration fee include:


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