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Engineering Alberta’s Recovery

Albertans expect the public infrastructure they depend on - schools, hospitals, libraries, roads, transit, water and wastewater treatment, and broadband internet - to be there when they need it. Economic recovery and assurance of a bigger, brighter future require planning, industry expertise, and a commitment to stable funding.

Innovation and efficiency in engineering are driven by transparent, sustainable, and long-term practices for governance, procurement, and asset management. These offer the safe, high-quality outcomes Alberta’s economy needs to recover, grow and prosper.

CEA Advocacy

As the business voice for consulting engineers across Alberta, CEA provides valuable insight to the Government of Alberta, municipal government associations like Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, and individual municipalities and regions. 

Our expertise shapes public policy to ensure the engineering sector can continue to support Alberta’s economy and long-term recovery.

Solicitation of CEA input in government legislative and stakeholder consultations recognizes the value of our profession to Alberta, to our quality of life and economy. 

Policy Priorities

Capital Planning and Asset Management

The government should consult with CEA to shape the development and implementation of a 10-year Capital Plan, regulate asset management planning for the province and municipalities, and ensure predictable, long-term infrastructure funding.

Independence and Transparency

The government should establish an independent agency to administer all aspects of capital planning including planning, procurement and financing models, project management, and asset management and renewal. Transparency should focus on both renewal and long-term stimulus benefits, for projects of high social and economic value.


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