The Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for our Board of Directors for election by members at the 2022 CEA Annual General Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted until January 10, 2022 for consideration by the Nominating Committee. At each annual general meeting the Members shall elect Directors-at-Large to fill any vacancies on the Board appointed pursuant to Article 18 (1) and (2) of the by-laws.

What is the role of the CEA Board of Directors?
The Board of CEA is responsible for setting the strategic vision for the Association and shall manage and conduct the business and affairs of the Consulting Engineers and exercise the rights, powers and privileges of the Consulting Engineers in the name of and on behalf of the Consulting Engineers.

Service to the Board requires a time commitment to support preparation and attendance of meetings and occasional events as well as designated CEA committee involvement. The Board has five to six scheduled meetings per year September to May and attend a retreat in the Spring post AGM. All Board members are expected to participate in the AGM and optionally participate in other CEA events including government and stakeholder engagement. 
Directors are elected to serve a term of three years.

The Directors shall provide for the general management of the affairs and business of the CEA and shall transact all such business in accordance with the CEA Act including the Regulations, the By-laws and any resolution of the voters passed at a duly constituted meeting.

Who can serve on the CEA Board of Directors?
The Board includes 10 Directors-at-large from CEA’s Member Firms. A Director should be named as a Voting Member of the firm and no more than two Directors can be appointed by any one firm.

Directors-at-large typically serve on the board for a term of 3 years. In addition to participating in board meetings and initiatives, board members represent the CEA through advocacy campaigns, stakeholder engagement and at CEA events. 

Nominees for board liaison positions representing APEGA, CAA and CEA Young Professionals are provided to the nominating committee by their respective organizations. 

Aligning with our Association values, candidates should be reasonably familiar with CEA’s role and operations; prior experience and engagement (i.e. active committee member, Young Professional involvement, attendance at events) is considered a strong asset as is prior Board experience.

The Nominating Committee will consider each candidate’s technical and governance experience in the context of the future needs and values of the Association, and relative to the skills and experience of continuing Directors.

How to apply

Click here to view nomination form. 

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