• Must be a professional engineer or geo-scientist
  • Must have less than 10 years of experience in their field
  • Must be working for a CEA member firm at time of nomination and award.
  • Nominee must be in good standing with their professional association (i.e. APEGA, ASET, etc.)

Selection Criteria

Profession (30% weight)

  • The candidate has a well-rounded record of achievement in education, employment, professional and public service activities.
  • The candidate shows commitment to excellence in his/her professional work. The following personal attributes will be considered: technical prowess, leadership, initiative, team work and integrity.
  • What is the present and future potential prominence and impact of the candidate in the consulting engineering industry?

Consulting Industry (55% weight)

  • The candidate understands the role of a consultant in the engineering industry.
  • The candidate has offered practical and innovative solutions to projects and have established good relationships with clients.
  • The candidate possesses good project management skills.
  • The candidate’s work is recognized by the firm and by clients.

Community (10% weight)

  • Is the candidate actively involvement in professional organizations?
  • The candidate gives back to the community by being active in community services and charities such as volunteering.

CEA Involvement (5% weight)

  • The candidate has worked to advance the profession of consulting engineer and is active in CEA’s Young Professional Group.

Selection Committee

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee consisting of industry experts.