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CEA is a registered organization representing Alberta engineering firms. These firms employ nearly 10,000 individuals including professional engineers, technologists and support staff. The industry contributes over $1.9 billion annually to the Alberta economy.

The engineering industry is strategically important in developing and transferring technology for the use and benefit of society

CEA’s role is to promote and enhance the business interests and opportunities of CEA member firms.

CEA and partner associations in each of the provinces and the territories, in conjunction with the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada, offer clients access to a network of quality industry services and employee benefit programs.

Formed in 1978 under the Alberta Societies Act, the Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) now operates under the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Act as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the business environment for consulting engineering firms in the province, and providing society with the highest standards of engineering design and safety.


The Consulting Engineers of Alberta Actprovides accredited member firms with the “Right to Title” - MCEA, and demonstrates the Alberta government’s recognition of the importance of the engineering industry.

MCEA member companies provide high quality,cost-effective and environmentally responsible engineering products to their clients.

To be accredited by CEA, member firms must:

Check you are working with a CEA member firm. Look for the designation:


“The assurance of excellence in engineering services.”

A member organization of ACEC-Canada 


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