Tri-Party Transportation Conference 2014



3310 50 Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 3X9

The annual AT– ARHCA– CEA Transportation Conference & Trade Show Exhibition has become Alberta’s premier event for design, engineering and construction professionals in transportation infrastructure. We look to build on over a decade of true partnership at the 2014 AT-ARHCA-CEA Transportation Conference. Offering a diverse program with dynamic keynote speakers, breakout forums, workshops and multiple networking opportunities, this conference is a not-to-be missed event!

Conference Program

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Conference Presentations

Plenary Session Presentations

Plenary B:  Conference Keynote – 2013 Flood -  Andre Corbould

Plenary C.1:  Updates to the Engineering Guidelines Vol 2  -  Adele Powell

Plenary C.2:  Qualifications Based Selection — Getting the Most Out of Your Consulting Agreements -   Sheldon Hudson

Plenary C.3:  Hwy 63 Progress: Design and Construction Challenges- Rizwan Hussain  

Plenary C.4: 511 Alberta: Lessons Learned and New Challenges - Michael Ge

Plenary D:  2013 Innovation Award Winners

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Plenary E:  Alberta’s Economy: Trends and Opportunities in 2014 – Todd Hirsch

Workshop Sessions

Workshop I.A:  Integrated Asset Management for Small to Medium Size Municipalities - Sheldon Hudson

Workshop I.B: Creation of Integrated Asset Management System – A Case Study 

Presentation by Cherie Fuchs

Presentation by Chris Lombard

Presentation by Brad McDonald

Workshop II: A Competing Interest in the Tender Process – A Tri-Party Discussion -  Darcy Knight, Darcy Taylor, Scott Fraser

Workshop III:  Surfacing Strategy 101 - Daryl Nixon, Marta Juhasz, Matthew Arnill

Workshop IV: An Update on Roundabouts in Alberta - Clayton Rudy, Peter Mah 

Workshop V:  Dealing With Changes in the Federal Fisheries Act and the Navigation Protection Act -  Dana Q. Becker

Breakout Sessions

Forum 1A:  Southwest Anthony Henday Drive: Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Repairs, A Case Study -  Bryan Ngo               

Forum 1B:  Constructional Challenges with Modern Roundabouts, A Case Study - Damian O'Kane

Forum 1C:  Full Depth Pavement Reclamation, A Case Study -  Bryan Ngo

Forum 2A:  Walterdale Bridge - Jim Montgomery, Corry Broks, Steve Melton

Forum 2B:  The Port Mann Highway 1 Project -  Marlen Buitelaar

Forum 3A: Environmental Post-Construction Monitoring of Highway 63 - Eddie Noton

Forum 3B: Rehabilitating the ‘Headwaters Highway’: Hwy 40:10 post 2013 Floods in Southern Alberta - Dwight Carter, Erin Rooney, Leslie Wensmann

Forum 3C: ECO Plan Audits – Taking Stock – Summary Results from 2005 to 2012 - Mark Svenson, Michael Vilmek

Forum 4A: Large-Scale Cell Phone Based Traffic Speed and O-D Data Collection Technology - Dr. Tony Qiu

Forum 4B: Capturing Reality : 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning for Rapid, Accurate Collection of Roadside Assets and As-Built Surface Information - Dr. Robert Radovanovic             

Forum 4C: Autonomous Vehicles and Alberta - Paul Godsmark

Forum 5A: Innovations in Roadwork and Work Zone Safety: Better, Safer, Faster - Ron Meldrum

Forum 5B: A Discussion of Potential Issues in Traffic Accommodation Strategies - Jeffrey Lo

Forum 5C: Using Vehicle Based LiDAR Data in Road Safety Applications: Highway 63, A Case Study - Paul Steel, Benjamin Bock

Awards Banquet

2014 - Minister's Awards for Transportation Innovation - Nominees

2014 - Minister's Awards for Transportation Innovation - Winners

Entertainment “How to Fit a Heart Attack Into Your Busy Schedule” - Philip Jones, Motivational Speaker

 Minister’s Award for Transportation Innovation 2014

2014 - Minister's Awards for Transportation Innovation - Nominees

2014 - Minister's Awards for Transportation Innovation - Winners

2014 Call for Submissions


Innovation is central to support a diversified and prosperous economy. Alberta Transportation defines innovation as being any change, large or small, which results in its work being done in a better, more efficient, more sustainable or safer way.

The Minister of Alberta Transportation wants to recognize innovation in the transportation industry. The individuals or organizations being recognized will have demonstrated excellence in design, construction, environmental, safety or operational innovations that focus on transportation within the Minister's jurisdiction.

The awards will be presented at the 2014 Tri-Party Conference being held in Red Deer on March 24 and 25, 2014.

Partner contacts are:
Lisa Krewda, CEA: 780-421-1852
Heidi Harris-Jensen, ARHCA: 780-436-9860
Jason Waywood, AUMA: 780-431-4531
Wyatt Skovron, AAMDC: 780-955-4096
Abid Malik, AB Transportation: 780-415-4881

Nomination Guidelines and Form

Click on the links below:

2014 MATI - Nomination Guidelines and Form

2014 MATI Poster

Email Nominations to Abid Malik( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The deadline for submission of applications is January 17, 2014. 

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Transportation Conference Pictures

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