Jack O’Brien Associated Engineering Alta Ltd. 1978-1979
  Dennis Cote UMA Engineering Ltd. 1979-1980
  Stan Ragan The Engineers Collaborative 1980-1981
  Don Sampson Lamb McManus Associates Ltd. 1981-1982
  Ron Triffo Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd. 1982-1983
  Don Ferrier Associated Engineering 1983-1984
  Wayne Bowes Delcan Western Ltd. 1984-1985
  Gary Harrison UMA Engineering Ltd. 1985-1986
  Ben Novak Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd. 1986-1987
  Al Stretch Monenco Limited 1987-1988
  Ken Pilip MB Engineering Inc. 1988-1989
  Bill Eadie Eadie Group 1989-1991
  Darrel Danyluk Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd. 1991-1992
  Bob Kavanagh Stanley Industrial Consultants Ltd. 1992-1993
  Ron Tenove I.D. Engineering Company Limited 1993-1994
  Dave Chalcroft UMA Engineering Ltd. 1994-1995
  Barry Lester Stanley Consulting Group 1995-1996
  Al MacDonald EBA Engineering Consultants 1996-1997
  Rick Prentice Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd. 1997-1998
  Andrew Vandertol Stantec Consulting 1998-1999
  Allen Williams A.D. Williams Engineering Inc. 1999-2000
  Herb Kuehne Associated Engineering 2000-2001
  Shawn McKeown Golder Associates Ltd. 2001-2002
  Paul Ruffell EBA Engineering Consultants 2002-2003
  Bob Gomes Stantec Consulting 2003-2004
  Terry Gowing Urban Systems Ltd. 2004-2005
  Don Chambers Walters Chambers & Associates 2005-2006
  Paul Breeze CH2M HILL 2006-2007
  Brian Pearse Stewart, Weir & Co. Ltd. 2007-2008
  Naseem Bashir Williams Engineering 2008-2009
  Art Washuta AECOM Canada Ltd. 2009-2010
  Jeff DiBattista DIALOG 2010-2011
  Gord Johnston Stantec Consulting 2011-2012
  Sheldon Hudson Al-Terra Engineering Ltd. 2012-2013
  Craig Clifton Clifton Associates Ltd. 2013-2014
  Matt Brassard Urban Systems Ltd. 2014-2015
  Deon Wilner ISL Engineering and Land Services 2015-2016
  Kelly Yuzdepski CIMA Canada Inc. (CIMA+) 2016-2017


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